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Open to professional speechwriters in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, past or present, or those who have worked with clients who speak in the Washington metro area. The idea is to share job openings, tips, ideas, and news about the profession as needed electronically, and in an informal setting at a brownbag lunch event or happy hours quarterly (more or less).

The group is for EXPERIENCED WRITERS ONLY, not those who would like to BECOME writers. To join, send a request to, and include:

1. Your name, current location, & preferred e-mail address (just one address, please).
2. The person(s) and/or organization(s) in the DC area for whom you currently write or have written in the past (i.e., why you're eligible for Roundtable membership).
3. The following sub-groups in which you're interested: government, political (D), political (R), academia, corporate/business/industry, trade association/lobby, and last but not least, freelance.
4. If you're interested in job opportunities in the DC area.
5. If you're interested in job opportunities outside of the DC area.
6. If you want to be notified about brownbag lunches in the DC area.
7. If you want to be notified about happy hours in the DC area.
8. If you want to be notified about professional development opportunities (e.g, Ragan Speechwriters Conferences, training by Joan Detz or Jerry Tarver, various tips & techniques, etc.)

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